Lindisfarne – Area Guide

Just a few miles off the Northumberland coast, you’ll be transported to the magical Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Cut off twice-daily from the rest of the world due to the fast-moving tides of the North Sea, this island has a truly mystical feel. Just make sure you check the safe crossing times on the causeway’s noticeboard before venturing to the Holy Island!

Once you’re on the island, it’s hard to miss Lindisfarne Castle. Rising from the rock face, this incredible building was originally built in 1550 as a fort to defend the harbour. Restored back in 2017, you can visit the castle today to take in the outstanding architecture, history and views. 

With plenty of landscapes to discover, Lindisfarne is very popular with walkers. It is even the final destination of St Cuthbert’s Way, one of Scotland’s Great Trails. There is an array of wildlife throughout the island, from the mudflats to the dunes which together form the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve. You’ll find a whole host of different bird breeds such as the pale-bellied brent geese bar-tailed godwits. 

Occasionally grey seals can be seen sunning themselves on the coastline or bobbing through the waters. If you’d like unspoilt sandy shores, head to Coves Haven beach on the northern side of Holy Island. High sand dunes and steep cliffs shelter this small, remote beach making it the perfect spot to relax. 

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